location-based marketing

Location-Based Advertising and Marketing

Beacons are rightly called the future of the Internet of Things. They are of small size, have very broad range of application, and they are not expensive. Moreover, the trend of development in the Internet of Things suggests that beacons will soon be able to communicate with any smartphone and tablet.

At the moment beacon technology can work with smartphones, ablets and other mobile devices that support Bluethooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy). As to software, it includes

  • Android version of 4.3 and later;
  • iOS 7 and above;

In both cases, Bluethooth 4.0 option (BLE) should be switched on and the appropriate application should run. When it comes to beacons used for navigation, it requires software for indoor location.

Beacons use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) because thanks to it thay can emit a signal for two years without a battery change and what is more important the batteries of smartphones only slightly feel the effects beacon.

Devices of this type are not connected to the network. To read a messages transmitted by a beacon, the smartphone must have the appropriate application installed and run. A received signal causes the reaction in different forms, e.g. a notification seen on the screen, a video played, an application launched and so on.

The creators of mobile devices and beacons work strongly to make smartphones and tablets not limited by the need of BLE switch-on or the download of the relevant application. This will probably happen soon.