location-based marketing

The years 2015-2016 are expected to bring the beacon boom on the Polish market. After their great success in the United States, these tiny devices are becoming increasingly popular in the countries of the European Union. Let's see where we can find beacons in Poland


In the United States, Apple is the undoubted pioneer in this industry, using beacons in the chain of their stores. iPhone users receive notifications about campaigns and sales promotions when they are near the shop. Interestingly, thanks to the beacon technology one can call for a salespaerson support and make payment for the purchased goods.

In Poland, Gino Rossi boasts the successful implementation of beacons in the retail sector. The company has implemented a platform integrating storage systems and customer data. System with beacon analytics allowed to combine online and offline information, and to personalize the offer, among others, taking into account criteria such as weather conditions, the availability of a product in the store, the demand in real time etc.

It is estimated that by the year 2018 about 3.5 of the 4.5 million beacons will operate in the area of retailing.

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Catering business

Research done by Business Insider Intelligence shows that thanks to the message, generated using beacons, the value of purchases in the service area will increase from 4.1 billion in 2015 to 4.4 billion dollars in 2016.

Why does this type of device work so well in restaurants? Beacons allow for the identification of customers in the vicinity of the premises. It is not difficult to entice the customer to eat a sandwich or drink aromatic coffee, if the message will match the current needs.

What does it mean? During lunch time a passer-by is rather not tempted to buy a drink, but in the evening, with a promotional price for two, he or she is likely to do so. And vice versa - they turn out with a greater desire for a cup of espresso in the morning or at lunchtime than in the evening.

If a company also runs a loyalty program, it can inform about special offers for all participants who are nearby.


The location is a very useful beacon feature. Tracking applies to all sorts of items, pets or people, e.g. baby, a sick person. It also allows to protect personal belongings against the theft. For example, if a stolen wallet appears next to a person who has the appropriate anti-theft application, the interested person will be informed about this. Then one will be able to easily find their property.

The best example of such an application is Tile, TrackR bravo or Be Luvv. They operate on the similar principles.

The ability to locate a person works in almost all surroundings: in a park, on the beach, during big events, on stadiums, and even in shopping malls - wherever your child can get lost.

Urban and Mobile Games

In the article Do beacons sell? we wrote about the interactive museum in the Netherlands, which used beacons to its promotion, offering an educational social game.

It is worth remembering that our smartphones can also be beacons because they have the same technology on board. It was used by the creators of PKPKT - a game that involves stealing of a virtual wallet from another game participant. When both players meet each other in the city by accident, both receive the notification. The trick is, who is the first to "steal" the other’s wallet.

The idea of ​​community and urban games went much further. It does well, for example, in a dating application (Mingleton) or recognition of people with the same sexual preferences in a crowd.

The genius of beacon lies on two factors influencing their dynamic development: simplicity and versatility of usage. In this regard the Internet of Things has unlimited range of possible applications. Although we can meet up with ideas as strange as innovative, each of them is in some way unique.