Museums boast about beacons

They can be used for making wireless payments, navigate, and help in finding lost keys or a wallet. Beacons that enable to use microlocalisation to assign content specific places and objects. They are successfully deployed in stores, airports and offices around the world. Employed to the exhibition, they become the device through which the visitor receives on his smartphone extensive information on the work-of-art, near which he is positioned. The museums are already at the stage of experimenting with beacons, checking the possibilities offered by this technology - says Monika Zbozien in the study "Beacons in museums - the case of Krakow MOCAK".

In Poland, the beacon system has been implemented by Neon Museum in Warsaw and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK. With the appropriate smartphone applications, visitors not only do not get lost in the cavernous exhibition halls, but also are able to get additional information on the exhibits that interest them and can have a look in the media library associated with any artifact.

Ewelina Czechowicz, the head of MOCAK promotion, according to the mentioned analysis, says: we wanted to use the application on mobile devices due to the fact that our museum is housed in different buildings. At the same time, one can visit up to five different exhibitions, which means that you need a friendly navigation through the museum.

This solution can be implemented not only in museums, but virtually in all public buildings. BEECRON with proprietary applications tailored to the needs of the customer.