London beacons for the blind

Tests of the application communicating with beacons started at London's Pimlico Tube Station this year. The new solutions are designed to help blind people to move smoothly in underground public buildings.

This is an idea of the charity organisation - the Royal London Society for Blind People. Beacons arranged in strategic locations communicate with smartphones used by the disabled. Users are precisely guided through the headset. What is more, the so-called bone conduction is used, which enables the reception of signals for the hearing impaired.

The system tests will contribute to the faster beacon implementation across London's public transport network. Developed solutions can also be successfully used at bus stations, railways and airports, in shopping malls or offices.

Beacon’s technology once again proves to be interdisciplinary, combining public facilities management and direct aid to people with disabilities. The Beecron project focuses on the design and implementation of a wide range of such solutions.