location-based marketing

Location-Based Advertising and Marketing

Beacons do not communicate with the network but only with mobile devices. Typically they operate as transmitters and do not need any operational costs. No wonder that the cost of these microdevices does not constitute a significant barrier for an implementation of beacon system.

The cost of beacons

Beacons prices are very diversified. They start from a dozen of dollars. The price increases the better and more advanced is a beacon. For a set of three beacons we can pay even $ 100. Slightly more expensive are those devices that do not require batteries, costing $ 109 upwards per set. This does not seem a lot taking commercial implementations into account, especially if we consider that a typical battery inside can operate for about two years.

The appropriate certificates

Price of a beacon to some extend depends on the relevant certificates. They are necessary because thanks to them one can legally use beacons in public places. After all, they emit radio waves, so in orfer to use this type of equipment in urban areas we must be granted a permit which has a form of a certificate for devices provided by a manufacturer.


The configuration these devices requires a suitable computer program. For the most beacons one can choose their range - from 50 centimeters to 50 meters or even more. This configuration works well in commercial implementations, e.g. a restaurant - one beacon makes guests to visit the premises which is about 30 meters away, the second proposes a dish of the day at half price for those who have already stopped at the outside menu. It is also important to set the interval of transmition from 1 to 50 times per second, which is important, e.g. for navigation in buildings. Beacon settings affect the length of battery life.