location-based marketing

Beacons gain more and more recognition on the different markets. A few years ago, the beacon technology was completely unknown and today it has become a global trend of modern business. At the moment, in Poland these devices are used mainly in the advertising industry. Let's see how you can use beacons for promotional purposes.

What is beacon technology?

Beacon is a technology that improved location capabilities based on Android and iOS. Beacons communicate via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). With this standard, radio waves are able to overcome various obstacles, e.g. walls, the lack of Wi-Fi, and the battery life is much longer comparing to Bluetooth.

The use of beacons for the promotion of products

Currently in Poland, beacons are mainly used for this purpose. They are great sales tools, used for promotion and advertising of products, actions, events or for presentation of their advantages.

Beacons are very much useful in a shop: for the sellers they can be a valuable source of data on consumer behavior and used to inform them about current promotions, or to offer customers the benefits of personal guides in shopping malls.

""The Protection Ad" of Nivea

The campaign of Nivea Brazilian branch has already become a textbook example of a well-used beacons in the advertisment. The company combined women’s press and a mobile application. In the women’s magazine one could find a band with a beacon, and it sufficed to put it on a child's hand, and download the application on one’s smartphone. Thanks to this a little angel could not be much further away than it should have to be, because its parent’s smartphone immediately informed about it. Moreover, the application also allowed the location of the lost offspring.

Apple's iBeacon

The company from Cupertino is one of the greatest beacon popularizers. When iPhone users are nearby a chain store of this well-known brand, they receive messages about current campaigns and special offers.

Coca-Cola "Moments of Happiness" Campaign

The global brand of non-alcoholic bevareges has launched a major campaign "Moments of Happiness". The company integrated the beacons with the application to engage thousands of people during the Day of Remembrance, a city game in which location feature was used and a social game in McDonald’s branches.

Virgin Atlantic - promotion Passbook

Virgin Atlantic has applied beacon technology at Heathrow Airport (London). The company's goal was not so much sale but professional passenger service: customers learn about interesting offers in real time, they used discounts, were informed about the boarding and so on. What is more, when the temperature on the airport terrace was falling, employees could bring blankets for passengers while bars prepared and offered favorite drinks in advance.

The use of beacons met with great interest of consumers and significantly affected the image of the company. By improving the customer experience with the brand, the company was able to increase traffic and the number of passengers at the airport.

Northern Light w Philips Museum

The interactive Philips Museum applies beacons to social game. Through educational games the institution presents lighting technology and multimedia. It turn out to be a great, informative fun.

Japan Airlines integrated with Apple Watch

Japanese national air carrier implemented beacons integrated with Apple Watches. In this way the company can locate the aircraft personnel, respond to customer needs and promote tailored services.

SnipSnap Coupons of HBC

The HBC, which operates for more than 300 years, has implemented beacons in all their stores. They communicate with an application that allows users to manage SnipSnap coupons.

The increase in Hillshire Brands sales

The high profile manufacturer of food products, Hillshire Brands, after implementing beacons in its branches faced a surge in interaction by several thousands in the next 48 hours. The purchasing interaction rose twentyfold.

Universal Display Mannequins

Universal Display manufactures mannequins with beacons Installed inside. This allows passers-by to see how he is dressed and encourage them to buy clothes. Naturally, the new technology immediately attracts attention.

Integrating platform of Gino Rossi

The group employed the platform that integrated systems for shops and stores with customers data. As a result, the company was able to personalize the offer depending on the current weather, customer demand, attitude to the purchase and inventory.

The development of the Internet of Things is very dynamic. Beacons werw barely known in 2013, and now they are conquering more and more markets. In sales, as shown by their frequent use, they work better and better.