Logistics centers ready for beacons

Advanced logistics systems processing flow of thousands of tons of products or management of huge warehouses full of goods can no longer rely solely on the human factor, which is not always reliable. A network beacon is an excellent solution for indoor navigation in facilities.

On the outskirts of almost every major city in Europe, there is a growing number of powerful logistics centers. Every day dozens of lorries come there, but also individual customers who want to pick up the products purchased earlier in the furniture store. Flow of goods is so intense that the management of warehouses can not be based on the librarian model, where an employee calmly browses files in search for the proper position. Adequate throuput can only be guaranteed by cutting-edge technologies. They are already in widespread use, although we often associate them with science fiction.

Beacon capabilities depend on the application features. Well designed software allows transmitters to inform on the fact that, e.g. some goods are close to the date of expiration. They can also inform which appliances have been booked as a result of a transaction carried out in a store or which batch is to be prepared for shipment in bulk. As experts say, in this matter beacon’s technology is decisively revolutionary and extremely developmental.

BEECRON systems in warehouse management is a brand new quality. Furthermore, the quality is available at a reasonable price, because when it comes to the value for money ratio, intelligent communication technologies are probably the most beneficial in the electronics industry.