Beacons in retailing business - it works!

Beacons affect an increase in sales significantly. This is not wishful thinking or optimistic assumptions of the new technology creators. This contention is already supported by the hard facts. Systems based on beacons, miniature radio transmitters, work perfect at shopping malls and retail chain stores, or even at single service points.

A number of retail chains have bet on this new technology. An American food seller, Hillshire Brands, recorded several thousand interactions and a twenty-fold increase in purchase intent during the first two days after starting the beacon network.

This is not an exception. Similar examples can be found throughout the world, regardless of the product type or services. In Poland, a network of beacons has already conquered the shoe-store chain. They are also operating successfully in the first malls and are tested with good results in supermarkets and grocery stores. And this is just the beginning, because, as business analysts confirm, the new systems have gained the status of an indispensable tool to support sales, significantly improving the retention index.

The secret of success lies in the change of approach to a client and the introduction of the advanced multidisciplinary interaction. At a time when mall promotional brochures in mailboxes or advertising mails are increasingly being recognized as spam, beacons become a customer’s much wanted personal adviser that responds to current needs.

The software integrated with Beacons offers unlimited possibilities of adaptation to a recipient’s needs. As a result, the devices can inform the client that new, much awaited shoes have just appeared in the particular store, of course, in the right size and the desired color. The application will also help to complete your shopping list, view the labels of selected textiles in the phone and pay for chosen merchandise. It will offer discounts or request a new book at a store. It can also book a table in a restaurant, invite you to a loyalty program and even help to find a parking lot. And all this, of course, with the consent of a client, so the problem of unsolicited information flood becomes the past.

In this way, instead of receiving a spam, a customer gains a personal adviser, who will not make mistakes of blind e-commerce that offers a university graduate classes at high school for adults or advertise a pneumatic hammer for a housewife.

One can personalize beacon-based application in the smartphone, which makes it learn the preferences based on analyzes of one’s online and offline activity so that they can anticipate future needs. On the other hand, shops, galleries and retailers using the beacons receive a powerful analytic tool that makes no harm for customers’ privacy when obtaining relevant statistical data.

Beacons has conquered large logistics centers international airports and the emblematic industry. Now, they successfully enter large retailer chains and individual supermarkets, small local shops and service points, spreading in the retail sector. Not only do they offer a package of innovative solutions to increase customer satisfaction and retention rate, but also offer companies a system that contributes to real savings!