Beacon without secrets

Miniature, electronic beacons have entered the global market! Journalists and blogers have written about beacons a lot, praising the versatile possibilities of their use and advantages for businesses that adopt this innovative technology.

Beacon is a miniature, battery-powered computer that communicates with smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth Low Energy. The device enables microlocalization with an accuracy of up to 15 centimeters. Beacon navigation can therefore be used in facilities where traditional GPS does not work or is too vague. This possibility has already been adopted in airports, offices, museums, malls, and even individual stores!

Possible applications are much wider. Beacon technology is ready for implementation in fields such as healthcare, tourism and hotel management, intelligent building, kindergartens, schools and universities, factories and logistics centers, mass events and parking management. Experts also discuss the possibilities of using the beacons in the context of the latest technologies for V2V and V2I, so that cars communicate with each other and contact with the infrastructure - gates on the highways, traffic lights or parking lots.

The secret of the beacon’s versatility lies in the software using these devices. According to the needs, appropriate applications are created, through which the network of miniature beacons can be used in virtually any way.

In this matter BEECRON offers a two-pronged collaboration with business. It both enables implementation of systems based on the ideas and wishes and creates the markets with new solutions tailored to the specific circumstances.