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What are beacons?

Beacon is a miniature computer equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter which is characterized by low energy consumption.

Beacons can communicate with virtually any smartphone, tablet or laptop. The appropriate software adjusts their functions.

How do beacons work?

Beacon can be placed virtually everywhere, e.g. by a boarding gate at an airport or at an entrance to a store in a shopping mall.

A battery powered Beacon communicates with your smartphone sending a radio signal. An application receives and interprets the signal, pinpoints your location and on its basis provides you with the relevant information.

Thanks to this, at an airport you get the notification on boarding deadline or on changes and in facilities where GPS navigation is not available, you are precisely directed to the target.

Examples of beacon applications

Personalized customer service, proximity marketing precise navigation in buildings, logistics of large enterprises, support for healthcare and much more. Beacons can be combined in a network supporting a wide range of activities.

The beacon technology is ideally suited for such areas like:

shopping malls, and supermarkets

airports, railway stations, subway

public utility buildings (offices,schools, universities)

hotels, theme parks, holiday facilities (underground as well!)

factories, plants, warehouses, logistics centers

stadiums, halls and conference centers during mass events

museums and exhibition halls

hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities

Other applications

The beacon network can play an extremely important role in emergencies, for example during the evacuation of public buildings in case of fire or a terrorist attack. On day to day basis it also supports the needs of disabled people, , e.g. providing the blind with a precise navigation in offices and public places.

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